#AskYourHealthCoach Live

Just watched a scary health documentary? Co-worker suggested you try a cleanse? Hit a plateau? Or, just simply confused on where to begin? Ask questions and tune in to have your questions answered

Watch This!

If you enjoy the audio on the podcasts then you will love the videos. For starters; I’m drop dead gorgeous, I have a beautiful wife, and awesome children but more importantly I’m on my own health journey and my wife and kids are too (shhhhh don’t tell them though!)

The BPOZ! Audio Experience

On this podcast, you’ll hear a mix of my best #AskYourHealthCoach Show episodes, Family Talks with Juliamarie, Talks on creating a healthy lifestyle, highlights from my video series, interviews, rants, and any of my new and current thoughts that I record specifically for this podcast!

Work With Mr. BPOZ!

Is the FREE content not enough? Do You need more of a hands on approach? Well, “I’ll Be Ya Huckleberry”!