Welcome to the second installment of the BPOZ! Podcast. In this episode Mr. BPOZ! and Juliamarie discuss how to incorporate health strategies into the family structure. Be sure to subscribe on ITunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher Radio

There are so many countrywide initiatives that are aimed at either adult health or pediatric health; however there aren’t many aimed at the health of the entire family. Let’s face it the way adults are taught to tend to their health, create strategies for healthier living, and even how to lose weight does not matriculate over into the pediatric side of health; and vice versa. This is probably the reason why they are almost never tackled together. I (Mr. BPOZ) can remember being a part of an organization that “tackled the whole family” but the only family aspect of the program was that they came together. As soon as the program started they shooed the children off to play games and then lectured the parents on how to be healthy, totally defeating the purpose of a family centered health initiative.

Mr. BPOZ! stated that “studies have clearly shown (families) are more likely to be successful if you can create a good family support system; i.e. get everybody involved”. Many examples of that research can be found at Healthy Families America.

Here are some strategies to have a healthy family

  1. Incorporate your children in the decision process
  2. Just because they don’t like a vegetable one way try try again differently (Like Julia’s attempt to get the kids to like zucchini)
  3. Take it slow
  4. Change one thing at a time

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