We can all agree that being healthy may be the single hardest feat to conquer in our lives. Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs, sorry eat eggs, my bad no eggs or meat just vegetables. It can literally make you checkout and binge on tubs of Haagen Dazs in your birthday suit and play in traffic. Unfortunately this blog post is no different. LOL!

I will be sharing with you 5 items you probably believe are aiding in your attempt to shed a few extra pounds and I am here to pop that bubble and place a little doubt in your strategy.

So Here We Go!!! 

1. Turkey Bacon: Many people opt for turkey bacon in lieu of the fat belly swine strips in hopes they can reduce the fat intake and get better choice of protein. This is not the case at all in fact just have a look at the ingredients:

Poultry ingredients(Turkey, Mechanically Separated Turkey), Water, Salt, Sugar, Contains 2% or less of Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavor, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite. (note the difference between turkey and mechanically separated turkey i.e. bones, cartilage, organs, and god knows what)

So as you can see Turkey Bacon would be the equivalent to thinly slice slabs of hot dog meat. I am sure this isn’t what you thought as you were trying to get a char on a thinly sliced piece of healthy protein. Good thing you are reading this blog; You’re Welcome!!!

2. Free: I don’t mean that you don’t have to exchange payment for it but the typical embolden lettering often found on packaging. Sugar Free, Fat Free, Gluten Free,Fructose Free, Lactose Free and more that I can’t think of at this moment. I will keep this section short and simple to understand Free of one thing means and addition of another. For example Fat free means added sugar, Sugar Free means added fat or added sugar alcohols, Lactose free means its not even milk and could contain anything from soy, nuts, rice, and an increase in fat. Gluten Free means added price…LOL! but seriously I have seen so many items with gluten free labels that don’t even have gluten in them to begin with but that’s a separate story.


3. Sports Drinks: One of my favorite commercials during the 2017 NBA season was with Paul George. He took the game winning shot turned around (in slow-motion) grabbed a Gatorade took a swig and as the shot went through he says in a calm almost Shaft like voice, “Ball Game” and one of his teammates goes bananas! This is such a fantastic commercial but all I can think about as Paul George fills his mouth with the lemon lime flavored substance is the director saying cut and he spewing it all over his sneakers because he is intelligent enough to know that this is not a very nutritious drink. In fact, by taking a brief look at the nutrition label of your garden variety sports drink and you will notice the similarities to your garden variety soda pop, especially in regards to sugar with sports drinks having about about 7 tbsp less sugar than an equal amount of coca cola; both of which are over the daily recommended amount of sugar (about 50-60 grams).

4. Bars: No , not your local pub I think you already know that bar isn’t healthy unless it’s for exercising your fun muscle then the pub is definitely where you wanna be. I

mean food bars; protein bars, energy bars, and granola bars. These things are usually loaded with preservatives and added sugar. The sugar usually acts as a binding agent for your granola bars unless you thought oats and nuts just stick to each other because of how hard they press them together. I know that’s not true I believe in your intelligence! Instead of bars opt for dry ingredients and combine them into a great trail mix bag.


5. Whole Wheat: Maybe I should keep this short and sweet. Commercial Whole Wheat bread is made with enriched flour which means Commercial Whole Wheat is really brown white bread and white bread isn’t the healthiest bread around. Yes, even the bread with the sprinkled oats and black seeds and what not on the top; which is why it’s considered healthy in the first place, is still white bread in black face. To be sure look for “100% whole wheat” and nothing else on the label. In addition, the shelf life of bread isn’t very long so most commercial bread makers are pumped full of preservatives so watch out for that.


Because I want people to read my blog I will stop at 5. 5 seems to be the number that gets people to click on it and read it. I am sure a title of 4.2 million items you believe is healthy but isn’t would turn people’s nose up! At the end of the day this is not an inditement on any of the above foods just an unveiling of foods that may not fit your mold of healthy if you knew what it really was.

Just be mindful of what you really eat and consume and in the words of my father don’t believe everything people tell you not even me. Look it up, research it, and try it for yourself! Nutrition is an individual sport with no cookie cutter ways to the top. Take Care and God Bless!