Author: Gerald Mayes; MS, CPT, CHC

Multi-Level Nutrition: Worth it or Nah?!

There aren’t too many days that go by I am not asked about supplements such as Herbal Life, IsaGenix, Advocare, Thrive (the new guy to the scene), or some other nutrition program that can only be purchase through a “distributor”. A distributor is usually someone who doesn’t know much about the science behind the supplementation and is often financially motivated by you purchasing this product or they have used the product and obtained tremendous results. Full disclosure, I have even been a distributor of all of these companies with the exception of Thrive. The Personal Training business can be a...

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Episode 11: Gerald or Mr. BPOZ! Who’s the Alter Ego? Recognizing Your Default Person, Working Through Insecurities, and Much More!

*Warning! *Warning! *Warning! This episode of Family Talks may possibly be the most revealing of Gerald to date. Often hiding behind his default person; who tends to cut and run once relationships become to real. Gerald pulls back the veil on his insecurities, hardships, and failed personality traits and opens up about who he really wants to be. This podcast was a pleasure being interviewed by my wife without feeling like I did something wrong was definitely a treat but being open and honest was even better. Please listen and as always I would love to hear what you think....

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Are You A Giver, Taker, or Matcher Parent

I must say that I have seen this particular video a few dozen times and each time I get a new revelation so to speak. If you haven’t watched this video please take 13 minutes and 28 seconds of your life and watch it………………….. Alright; now that you are up to speed, I am more of a House type of giver; anyway let’s press forward! Usually, when I watch this video I reflect on the type of human I am at work, in my business, in my various health and wellness communities, and even among the people in my church. Not once...

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Episode 10: Co-Parenting; It’s About The Child Not Your Feelings w. Special Guest Michelle Dixon

According to research 80% of families are blended families; meaning at least one parent is parenting a child that is not biologically their own. This is definitely the case in BPOZ! Household. Julia has a son from a previous relationship, Gerald has a daughter from a previous relationship and they have 2 children together. Blending the dynamics of all involved in the raising of these children is possibly one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. On Today’s show we have Special Guest Michelle Dixon who is the mother of Amaya Mayes; Gerald’s daughter. Listen as Michelle discusses the...

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Got Kids? Imagine paying $45k to get pregnant

If you listen to our podcast you would know that my youngest son Lil Gerald (7) has been drawing smiley faces all around our house. On the walls, on closet doors, on the toilet paper, and even our floor (Checkout my Instagram photo of this alleged smiley face).  He also, informed us that he is apart of the cool kids at school and Travis who has also been inducted into this elusive group; unbeknownst to him, “Sucks at Being Cool”. This kid is a handful and takes a lot of energy; notice the delicateness of this statement because saying I want to...

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