Author: Gerald Mayes; MS, CPT, CHC

What The Health…. How About What The Hell Are You Telling People!

I am so irritated it is unreal! Allow me to explain! It’s mid day and I’m tap tap tapping on my laptop trying to input participant information into the company database; the single worse part of my job, when one of my participants informs me that her life has been changed and she now knows the secret to her health; VEGANism. You know what Veganism is right!? Its the cruciferous fiber religion that deems all the decaying flesh eaters of the universe to death by unicorn horn spearing. But Why!? Why would this habitual fast food patronizer all of...

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Could Lil Gerald Be a YouTube Star?

As a father I try my best to support every attempt or desire spoken out of my children. I can remember my oldest daughter Amaya telling me she wanted to be a graphic designer when she grew up. So I decided I would by her some sketch books, pencils, markers….. because drawing and graphic design were the same in my mind; however, I did buy her this draw pad that connected to her computer so she could save her artwork digitally. I have tried to keep this same sentiment across the board with all 4 of my children and Lil Gerald is no exception! If you have young children then you will understand exactly what I am about to say. My son spends his free time watching other people spend their free time on YouTube. This consists of people playing Minecraft, jumping on trampolines, making 3 foot tall marshmallows, or 3 pound gummy bears (which we have actually done). I have always asked him why are you watching people do all the things you want to do to which he eloquently responded, “why do you watch grownups play football and basketball”…….. Solid burn! But I digress! One day he did come to me and ask dad can you and I make a video? To which I responded of course! While we were messing around with generic camera on my...

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Everybody Is Cleansing like Dummies

If you don’t know me personally allow me to inform you that I may be one of the biggest social media trolls when it comes to stupid health information. The one topic that “Really Grinds My Gears” (In my Peter Griffin Voice) is Cleansing. I know you have seen it scrolling down your time line and some one is on an all juice cleanse, a no food cleanse, a no meat cleanse, a no fun cleanse, or something equally as stupid. Now don’t get me wrong if you are fasting for religious or spiritual reasons I feel ya and...

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Multi-Level Nutrition: Worth it or Nah?!

There aren’t too many days that go by I am not asked about supplements such as Herbal Life, IsaGenix, Advocare, Thrive (the new guy to the scene), or some other nutrition program that can only be purchase through a “distributor”. A distributor is usually someone who doesn’t know much about the science behind the supplementation and is often financially motivated by you purchasing this product or they have used the product and obtained tremendous results. Full disclosure, I have even been a distributor of all of these companies with the exception of Thrive. The Personal Training business can be a...

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Episode 11: Gerald or Mr. BPOZ! Who’s the Alter Ego? Recognizing Your Default Person, Working Through Insecurities, and Much More!

*Warning! *Warning! *Warning! This episode of Family Talks may possibly be the most revealing of Gerald to date. Often hiding behind his default person; who tends to cut and run once relationships become to real. Gerald pulls back the veil on his insecurities, hardships, and failed personality traits and opens up about who he really wants to be. This podcast was a pleasure being interviewed by my wife without feeling like I did something wrong was definitely a treat but being open and honest was even better. Please listen and as always I would love to hear what you think....

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