Breakfast is the most important meal of the day….I think? I mean most professionals would go to war with you if you say otherwise. Here is why! According to popular websites like Web MD and even Government Agencies like the CDC all believe that breakfast is as important as breathing on a regular basis. They attribute breakfast to improved cognitive function in school aged children and the most important aspect of a well balanced diet. According to one study “children who reported eating breakfast on a consistent basis tended to have superior nutritional profiles than their breakfast-skipping peers and Breakfast eaters generally consumed more daily calories yet were less likely to be overweight”. Might as well put this on a billboard and sign me up  as a lifetime member of the “Breakfast Club”… No pun intended. Other reports state that breakfast is necessary because it “jumpstarts the metabolism” for the day. Note: This claim is not necessarily supported by science. However; isn’t necessarily false… I know and I am not trying to confuse you. Let’s take a look at the overall model of breakfast eaters.

Every night you go to sleep which is like a mini hibernation… like bears but for humans and every other animal on the planet. During this time our metabolism slows down and blood is diverted away from the digestive system and sent out to repair the body. This may be the reason why we shouldn’t eat more than 2 hrs before bed. I digress, when you beautifully arise in the morning you should eat a meal which signals your body that you are not in starvation mode and the metabolism can be primed and start burning calories efficiently over the course of the day.

On the flip side of the coin people who believe in more abstract ways of thoughts believe this means absolutely nothing. Take for example the Feast or Famine style of Intermittent Fasting. This ideology believes that fasting for a full day is the best way to health and or performance only feeding in a specific window. According to research this way of thought is fully supported and influential people like Dave Ausprey and Tim Ferris both swear by it. I have actually done this in the past and have seen great results.

So which one is best! You are going to hate me but both have their benefits but neither is effective if you have no #consistency. The body is the most brilliant and adaptive organism in the universe. It is smarter than any computer as long as you give time to adapt. We have a process called homeostasis, meaning that the body is always looking for the most efficient way to perform processes. For example if you were in an accident leaving your head permanently on its side then your eyeballs will adjust by turning so that you can see. Pretty rad stuff huh?! So regardless if you eat breakfast everyday or you eat every other day be #consistent with it and you will see the benefits.



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