As a father I try my best to support every attempt or desire spoken out of my children. I can remember my oldest daughter Amaya telling me she wanted to be a graphic designer when she grew up. So I decided I would by her some sketch books, pencils, markers….. because drawing and graphic design were the same in my mind; however, I did buy her this draw pad that connected to her computer so she could save her artwork digitally. I have tried to keep this same sentiment across the board with all 4 of my children and Lil Gerald is no exception!

If you have young children then you will understand exactly what I am about to say.

My son spends his free time watching other people spend their free time on YouTube. This consists of people playing Minecraft, jumping on trampolines, making 3 foot tall marshmallows, or 3 pound gummy bears (which we have actually done). I have always asked him why are you watching people do all the things you want to do to which he eloquently responded, “why do you watch grownups play football and basketball”…….. Solid burn!

But I digress! One day he did come to me and ask dad can you and I make a video? To which I responded of course! While we were messing around with generic camera on my IMac he asked me, “Dad, do you think I can be a YouTuber”? To which I again responded, “Of Course You Can, You Can Be Anything You Want”.

So We made this video!

What do you think? The kid’s got a little personality on him huh!?

Oh! After I said he could be anything he yelled Yeesss! I’m gonna be rich!