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I love when I get the opportunity to read a creative, fun, and informative piece on such a controversial topic. It seems that everyday I am asked “what is the best detox” and it takes everything in my being to not shake them and scream; “don’t be so stupid” detoxes are silly! All you have to do is eat healthy and move a little. This article was sent to me via email from a great friend of mine whom I respect and adore; Natalie Brainerd, Corporate Health Coach! Here is what she said..


I get a lot of questions this time of year on ‘how to detox.’ Who doesn’t want a reset button after too many holiday cookies and cocktails?!

One reason ‘detoxes’ have gained so much hype is the rapid weight loss->This would be great if weight loss always meant fat loss – and a healthier body (and mind). Unfortunately, too often it does not.


Most people think (and rightly so since it is what has always been advertised) detoxes require deprivation, fasting or some combination of exotic juice blends that will ‘cleanse’ their bodies of bad eating and unhealthy habits.

Here’s the reality-> your body is perfectly equipped with a well-designed system for eliminating toxins and waste products. All it needs is a little support through proper nutrition, exercise and sleep.


10 Ways You Can Help Your Body Out->Hint: No fancy juices or pills on this list


1: Eat High Protein Foods.  ‘With a lot of water and colorful spicy juices I can simply flush all the waste compounds from my body!’  -> If only the body were something that could just be hosed down… Every waste product has to be bound with an amino acid for removal. High quality, high protein diet=fast elimination


2: Eat Vibrant, Richly Colored Fruits and Veggies. Besides fiber(which also attaches to toxins for removal), these foods pack a lot of anti-oxidants that act to take out free-radicals- otherwise known as crazy lunatic cells that take down the sane ones.


3: Use Natural Chelators(Fancy word for heavy metal magnet) From food or nutritional compounds, which attach to heavy metals and toxins, and escort them out of the body. Most effective ones are: Garlic, Pectin(fruit fiber), Cilantro, and Parsley


4: Eat Healthy Fats. Foods rich in healthy fats contain anti-oxidants(remember those crazy radicals?) Plus Omega-3, found in grass fed animals, and fatty fish(salmon, sardines etc) promote estrogen elimination.


5: Eat Plenty Of Probiotic Foods. Think of your stomach as an ecosystem with a forest of trees that provide a clean healthy environment with fresh air. The microorganisms found in probiotics serve as the trees in your gut, delivering a clean healthy environment for your stomach and GI tract. Foods include-> Yogurt, Cultured Dairy, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchee, and just about anything pickled or fermented.


6: Avoid Foods You Are Intolerant Of. A food tolerance is simply a food your body is not able to digest efficiently. The main players here are: Dairy, Wheat/Gluten, Soy, and Nuts.


7: Chew Your Food! If large food particles reach the stomach this can be dangerous because harmful gut bacteria feed on them.


8: Try Digestive Enzymes Or Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) Low stomach acid means the body won’t break down food completely- or assimilate the nutrients from that food. Try taking a small shot of ACV with a meal to help this process out.


9: Reduce Your ‘Toxic’ Load Processed foods, sugars, and alcohol. These things damage the gut and cause inflammation.


10: Drink Plenty Of Water  Obviously 🙂


Improving your energy, body composition, mood, and overall health doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

It’s simple really:

Eat real food

Drink a lot of water

Get quality sleep

Be nice to yourself.