After reviewing our finances we realized we spent over 100k just in living; Cars, Shelter, Petro, Food, and other miscellaneous CRAP! Damn it’s hard to take an honest look in the mirror and identify where you are going wrong!

This sparked us to really analyze what we were spending our money on and how to stop hemorrhaging from our debit cards, and it all started with a simple question; Does it Make Me Happy?

This question helped us to be mindful of our spending habits and where we truly needed to make changes in order to create happiness.

Now don’t get confused; we are not implying you walking around not paying bills, not going to work, or not coming home at night because it doesn’t make you happy. Or; even slapping your in-laws because it does make you happy. What we are saying is to STOP, PAUSE, and BE MINDFUL of what you are spending your hard-earned dolla dolla bills on. The question “Does it Make Me Happy”? is simply a buffer between a self-gratification purchase and purchasing an item that is needed.

Trust me it’s hard! This is coming from someone who proudly stands as the leader of a family of 6 plus 1 house guest and purchased a 6 egg steamer because “It Makes The Perfect Hardboiled Eggs”; Yeah test that logic!


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