Feeding yourself is hard enough. Now imagine doing it for yourself, your spouse, and your children day in and day out, while managing busy work, life, youth sports, and grown up time! Sounds like a task worthy of pulling your hair out! Listen as Mr. BPOZ! and Juliamarie discuss some simple ways to meal prep for the entire family to reduce spending, time, and stress.

The best way to reduce the stresses of these issues is be mindful and prep. Prepping in itself seems just as daunting as above, especially with all of these alien beings posting videos of vegetables chopping themselves and making a delicious meal in 30 seconds. The fact of the matter is that there are 3 resources that you have at your disposal money, time, and effort. What you spend in money you save in time and effort and what you pay in time and effort you save in money. Therefore, having the ability to prep a solid food regimen to fulfill the needs of your family.

5 Steps To Prep

1. Knowing what you have at home already (from previous purchased and leftovers)

2. Understanding what will be purchased at a discount (i.e. sales, coupons, or bulk)

3. Knowing what you will be preparing for the week (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Back Ups)

4. Execution of purchases


5. Prepping to be prepped(washed, chopped, and bagged; or, fully cooked and stored)

These phases of prepping aids in reducing stress as well as ensuring to reduce the need for your neighborhood $5 cardboard pizza

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