If you listen to our podcast you would know that my youngest son Lil Gerald (7) has been drawing smiley faces all around our house. On the walls, on closet doors, on the toilet paper, and even our floor (Checkout my Instagram photo of this alleged smiley face).  He also, informed us that he is apart of the cool kids at school and Travis who has also been inducted into this elusive group; unbeknownst to him, “Sucks at Being Cool”. This kid is a handful and takes a lot of energy; notice the delicateness of this statement because saying I want to drop kick a seven year old with both feet is frowned upon.

As a side note; I did tell Lil Gerald I wanted to drop kick him with both feet to which he replied, “But you will just fall to the ground and hurt yourself so I still win!”

Lil Gerald is just 1 of the 4 separate personalities of children that dwell in the BPOZ! Casa. Everything from honory, laid back, emotional, cocky, high-strung, self-conscious, and the list goes on and on, each one of our 4 children is a handful to manage. If I am allowed to be transparent, there are times when I ask myself, “Why would anyone want 4 children?” Bless you John and Kate or The Duggars 4 may be the death of me!

However, I was forced to look at parenthood in a new light today as I spoke in detail with a woman who is trying to have children and is now 6 months and $45,000 into the possibility of having a child through IVF (In Vitro Fertility).

If you are not familiar with this procedure you pay $15,000 to have a doctor inject the mother with 6 different shots of medication over 6 days to promote the maturation of eggs in the ovaries. Once this is complete the mother is then admitted to surgery where they extract the eggs from the ovaries and stored. The eggs are then “germinated”meaning beginning the cellular division. Then the germinated eggs are placed back into the mother’s uterus where she is on bed rest for 3 days to see if her body accepts it. There is only a 40% success rate of the mother getting pregnant. As you can tell by the title of this post this mother is on her 3rd and final attempt at having a child of her own. Final simply because she ran out of money!

It is a pretty humbling experience to hear that someone is willing to shell out a years salary just to have something some would consider an accident, an afterthought, or an entitlement. The fact is, children are a privilege and we are blessed to have them!

So the next time you want to drop kick your son with both feet because he’s drawing smiley faces all over the your house remember someone out there would love to take your place! Love your kids, be kind, and reflect on the beauties you have been entrusted to care for.