IMG_0223It’s nap time, THANK GOD!, and I’m sitting down for the first time since I got up this morning at 6:30am. It’s the time of day where I get to finally enjoy the cup of coffee I brewed 4 hours ago. I have spent the past week tapering for my second half marathon. God only knows if I actually did it right and hopefully you dont find me on race day on the side of the trail in a pool of my own sweat and tears. The Rockin’ Rabbit Half Marathon is only 1 day away and my excitement is just as high as my first half marathon I completed 2 weeks ago. The one thing I keep thinking is, “Why didn’t I start running sooner”?

Well I’ll tell you, I had always loved health and fitness in High school and carried that into adulthood. I became a mom at 20 years old and this is where things start to shift. We live in a society where we are told that once we become parents that everything you do is for the well being of your child; especially mothers. This is true, however, as I took a back seat to my children, I found myself being put further and further down on the to-do-list. The duties of my everyday life became more important than ME! The daycare needed to be cleaned, the kids need school supplies, the husband needs a lunch; etc. etc. etc. I realized that the very essence of me; Julia, had all but faded away. I wasn’t fun and exciting anymore; I was scheduled and rigid. I joined the Rockin’ Runners Run Club this past December with IMG_0094my husband and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for ME! As I began to dive back into something I had loved years ago I realized that I matter too. There is room in my life for my faith, my kids, my husband, and more importantly ME. I had spent so many years skipping out on lunch dates with friends or buying that cute dress all in the name of parenthood.

I don’t regret a single decision I’ve made in my journey as a mother but I will say I’m grateful to have found a way to be both Mom and Julia! There is room for us all to have both. I want to encourage ALL my parents out there to keep pushing forward. Being a great parent doesn’t mean we have to let go of everything we love, especially, the things that can potentially help us to be better.

Running has helped give me a place of refuge from the day. It’s focusing on just me and nothing else, which in turns, makes me a happier mama! So get out there people and start doing what you love, maybe you will find yourself too! Happy Trails!!!!