Ever since marijuana became legal in the state of Nevada I have been on the fence with my personal stance. Although I understand the benefits of marijuana; especially in managing pain, I still subconsciously believed that the only reason for the legalization of weed was for taxable gains for good old Uncle Sam and the hipsters to stay high-uh-uh-high-high-high-high-high (in my 3-6 mafia voice). Although this sentiment may indeed be true, I learned so much more in the hour I spent at the local dispensary.

Here’s How it started!

I received a text from a good friend of mine; A’esha Goins of Blackabis.com, asking me if I could be a “mock patient” for interviews being held at the Nevada Wellness Center; a dispensary.

As a favor to my friend I agreed, totally not knowing what I was getting into.

I arrived late with Nike slides showcasing my freshly done glitter toenail polish because my daughter wants to be a nail artist and I’m an F’n awesome dad. I am greeted at the door by a guy asking me if I was there “for recreational use or medical”?

“No I’m looking for A’esha” I replied

To which he hits the elevator button and informs me that she will be busy and may not be able to talk to me. I take the elevator up and greeted by a long line of jobless people hoping to change that trait about themselves. I find A’esha and she leads me to a room where I am greeted by Dre who has been conducting interviews; because I know A’esha fairly well I also know he is the head honcho.

They sit me in a chair give me no information except that I suffer from MS, HIV, or Lupus and can pick one ailment as the jobless hopefuls interview me as a first time “patient” who has never been into a dispencerary. I pull out my phone and try to do a brief overview of Lupus and HIV; trying to figure out why would someone get high if they have AIDS?

The First Person

Dre calls in the first jobless hopeful; and African American female, Dre asks for a “sheet” and her resume. He informs her she has 1 minute to review the products in front of her; a sheet of paper he calls the flower, 3 empty boxes, a spray, a dropper, and some cream. I snagged a peak at the cream which read CBD pain relief cream. I’m fairly familiar with CBD but I’m super confused on how this works.

The 1 minute is up and she is informed that she has two minutes to interview her patient; who is Me I already knew that. She says “hello what brings you in today”? I say “Hello, I have Lupus, a friend of mine told me I should come here and see what I could do to manage my pain because I don’t want to take medication because I heard it’s addictive”. I know…… that’s pretty good for not really knowing whats going on but I’m awesome and I can see Dre’s head nodding so I know I’m on the right path. She starts talking about stuff I don’t really understand; indica, sativa, percentages, whatever. I notice she reads the label of the cream; it says Pain Relief cream on it, and she tells me I should use this. Then she looks at the spray and notices it says CBD and also recommends this product. By the end of the session she basically recommends all of it to me except the “flower” and because I don’t like to smoke (that’s what I told her) I should use the drops in my bath to help me relieve the pain.

Our session was done and as she was thanked and led out Dre turns to me and basically says she didn’t know anything because the bath drops were in fact oral drops that I put in my mouth. I grab the bottle and clearly on the front it says oral drops and I can make an educated guess that she would not be making the cut

This goes on for the next 50 minutes; some people seemed more educated on their weed products than others but how the hell would I know? I don’t know shizz about weed. I try to take a glance at the “sheet” Dre asks for from everyone to gauge how each person is doing. Each category is ranked 1-5 which gives me a bit of insight to if the applicants know there weed; and most people are failing miserably. One guy even gracefully bows out (I won’t go into details because this blog post is already longer than I thought it would be)! But he crumbled under the pressure of my charming face and knowledgeable questions on my ailment.

Side Note

Dre is extremely knowledgeable; in between each person I try to ask a few questions just so I know what to ask the jobless hopefuls. Dre has an answer for every wonder my mind has and during this brief stint it had plenty.

Like what the hell is flower?

What’s the difference between the CBD spray and the lotion?

What the hell is indica?

Are the two boxes on the left end the same shizz? (I wish I would have taken a picture!)

And how the hell does smoking weed help any of this?

What I learned

-First off; Flower is the word they use for weed; the actual bud that comes in the little Ziploc bags from my childhood. At this place they don’t come in those bags but you understand what I’m saying. Mindblown! I see how technical, official, and professional this is!

-Sativa is an upper. Great for people who suffer from depression. Indica is the opposite of sativa great for people who suffer from anxiety. So Veteran PTSD patients like myself understand this may help you!!!!!

-THC has healing properties that CBD doesn’t have and and equal 1-1 CBD to THC will not get you high

-Percentages matter (talk to someone who knows because I do not; I think they called them budtenders)

-MS; can be treated with an oral or topical

-HIV is best treated with higher levels of THC because reducing stress (relaxing) is the most important ailment to address.

-Lupus is best treated with a tincture (oral)

-percentages matter; LOL! It will determine if you are high or not!

– And of Course marijuana products will not mess up your diet; it’s Gluten Free and Vegan!


The benefits of marijuana is real! Do your research before you judge!

Weed is not just for getting high! Go see your local dispensary or come and see ours NWC they know everything!

See you there!