With such busy lives and schedules finding time for a bathroom break let alone your health can seem impossible. As parents we all have an endless “To Do” list that is constantly growing and hiding somewhere at the bottom is You. Everything that goes on in our day to day lives always ends up taking precedent over what really matters most, US! We make sure the kids are fed and dropped off to school on time, for us Moms we make sure our spouses needs are met and yet I’m going on a 4 day no washing hair zone because come on, who has that kind of time.

The unfortunate truth is the longer we put healthy eating and healthy lifestyle practices on the back burner the more susceptible we become to sickness and potential health risks down the road. There is only so much neglect your body can take before it starts to shut down on you. Time might seem tough to find but I can assure you adding more fruits and veggies to your daily meals seems less time consuming then ending up in the hospital with health issues that affect not just you but your entire family.

Putting yourself at the top of the list and making sure your needs are met is nothing to question or feel guilty about. Its no different from getting the oil changed regularly on your  car. You tend to get out what you put in and your body is no different. If were not making quality choices of how we maintain our own health how can we effectively meet the needs of those around us. While training for my marathon I found it challenging to get some of my weekly runs in. I realized that instead of socializing with the other soccer parents during my daughters hour and a half practice I could utilize the time and space and run the field. I had been sitting on time that I had never noticed was there and I’m sure there is room in your day for the same.

It could be as simple as adding a 30 minute walk to your hour lunch break routine or setting that alarm a little earlier in the morning to hit the gym. The beauty about making lifestyle changes is that there is no one way to do it. Its not about making all these drastic leaps in one day but about all the small steps you take over time. 

The first step in making time for health and exercise is scheduling it into your day and doing your best to stick with it. If you want to make early morning runs a part of your weekly routine then going to bed at 2 o’clock in the morning isn’t going to work well. Often times we feel drained throughout the day not even realizing that it has do with not only a lack of sleep but potential dehydration; as well.

Water with your meals instead of sugary drinks is not only an effective way to quench your bodies needs but takes no extra time at all. As you start to make the daily necessary changes towards living a healthier life you’ll be surprised at the time that was there all along. Taking a quick walk after dinner can easily turn into a quick jog replacing the 20 min Facebook scrolling.

Most times its those small moments in between the chaos that have a way of adding up. Make time for you and I promise you’ll Thank yourself later!!!