I’m often referred  to as “Super Mom”, but it’s generally a term I shy away from. Its not that I don’t think I’m a good parent or in deserving of such a title. (Because I totally am!!!) I just firmly believe that everything I do and accomplish has nothing to do with being Super and everything to do with years of practice and the organizing lessons that came along with it. Now don’t get me wrong people, being organized does not mean life will become filled with rainbows and butterflies every moment of every day. It also doesn’t mean that everything will go as planned, however, it can make reaching the goals in your day to day life that much more attainable; while hopefully giving you the flexibility to make changes to any plan because you’ve already made preparations in advance.

Now people hear the word “Organized” and automatically start running for the hills. Its like this mythical creature that only exists on Pinterest and Youtube videos. The shocking truth about Organizing your life is that it does not have to be this exhausting color coded post-it system that adds stress to your already hectic schedule. It; just like everything else, takes consistent practice and time. It can also be as small as organizing one part of your day.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day; Neither Does Your Organizational Prowess

My suggestion is to take a look at the most hectic parts of your day and finding ways to make them run more efficiently and smoothly. For busy families the mornings can be chaotic and filled with “Wheres my socks” or “Have you seen my shoes” and trust me my friends, that is a recipe for disaster and grey hairs. By simply taking a few minutes the night before to lay out the next day’s clothes can save time and any potential irritation that may affect the entire day. At the same time this also creates a little wiggle room to attend to any surprises that are sure to happen when trying to get yourself and tiny versions of you dressed and out the door by 730am. If that seems a little not your style there’s always the method of planning outfits for the week.

There Are Many Ways To Skin A Cat

The great part about Organizing YOUR Life is that there is no one way to do it. It is simply about what works best for you and your family. So don’t get fixated on the specific method you’re using  than the actual goal itself. Accomplishing certain goals may require change from day to day so remember to be patient and flexible while finding the best way for you.

Set It And Forget It

As a full time working mom dinnertime can definitely be a challenge. After a long 11 hour day the idea of preparing a meal can feel exhausting even before I actually step into the kitchen. One way to help make that part of my day not as stressful is by having a few crockpot meals a week planned and ready to go. There is nothing more freeing then taking the thought process out of certain parts of your day. This not only makes my evening more calm but allows me to focus on my family in those few precious hours before the rush of bedtime happens. Its almost like taking a little bit of preparation time to gain a whole lot of time later, Crazy Huh!!!

Visualize Your Success

One other great route to consider in this process is Visualization. The power the mind has to influence your actions by using a desired visual image is both underrated and underused. The best thing I did to accomplish my marathon was clearly by training my body but also by allowing my mind to see myself crossing that line. By seeing it in my own mind I was making that end result of completing it that more real. For you, Visualizing the way you want any aspect of your day or life to look is a great way to motivate and inspire the necessary changes needed in order to achieve it. Remember to be patient when things don’t go as planned and make sure to get the family involved. If your child can download an app onto your tablet then they can pick out a pair of pants. Good Luck and I wish you many Calm and Stress Reduced Days!!