Talking about the particulars of our family is one that we have never been comfortable doing. People see two green eyed parents with green eyed children and automatically assume we are one big happy family. Although we are; we are also a blended family. Mr. BPOZ! has a daughter from a previous and Juliamarie has a son from a previous and then we have 2 children together making the grand total 4.

In light of today being our oldest child Dominick’s 15th birthday Mr. BPOZ! discusses some of his triumphs, failures, and missteps raising another man’s son. Julia also shares a bit about raising another woman’s daughter. We also share some tips on just parenting in general.

The single hardest event in my life was going from a single parent; co-parenting with another, to being a parent of 2 with one on the way in the span of 5 months. Raising a child that is not yours; biologically, is the beginning but dealing the other parent’s protective nature over that child can be the most challenging aspect. Take a listen as Mr. BPOZ! and Julia talk about some of these issues.

If you don’t listen to this podcast then the #1 rule is to just LOVE your kids for who they are and who they are not!

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