Today I take a stand and make the changes necessary to look, feel, and believe what my education, certifications, and experiences say I am! Huh? What are you talking about!?

Community Sentiment states health, wellness, and fitness professionals don’t struggle with body image issues, being overweight, laziness, or just plain afraid of what it will take to change. Well I do and I am!!

Sounds kind of crazy coming from a Marine doesn’t it? Hell, it sounds crazy reading it as I type it and I am the Marine! I mean let’s be honest you don’t associate fear and being overweight with a Former Marine turned Personal Trainer/Wellness Professional; Right!? But again; I don’t either but I am!

Well, today I am sick and tired of it! Today is the first day I change!
Time For Change
First, let me give you the back story in hopes that you may understand the microcosm that has landed me in this office smashing my pointer fingers onto the keyboard of my cheap ACER Laptop pouring out my calculated thoughts, feelings, and emotions about my body onto the screen for your entertainment pleasure but my accountability.

     See “TODAY” came before; 7 years ago, as I looked in the mirror seeing my belly flap over my basketball shorts, out of breath, aching knees, and lower back pain. Not from being fat; but from sleeping in my living-room on a dual reclining sofa with wooden support planks between each seat with the uncanny ability to jab, bruise, and scrape your erector spinae muscles with every twist and turn during the night. All that just to avoid climbing the flight of stairs to my actual bedroom that came equipped with a smokin’ hot woman who doubled as the mother of children; my wife just in case you didn’t get my euphemism. It was that day I said I had enough and was going to take my life back; and I did!

270729_129802870434870_5765083_n Me at 285 lbs… No full body pictures for me, wouldn’t be caught dead in front of a camera naked! ============>

     It took me; with the help of my trainers T Howard and The Beave, all of about 6 months to drop 60 pounds and believe that I could possibly help other people accomplish what my trainers helped me accomplish. So I enrolled in school, obtained my Associate’s degree in personal training, became a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, back to school and earned my Bachelor’s in Public Health, Master’s in Sport and Health Sciences, another certification as a Health Coach, all while becoming the Executive Director of the very program that produced me; The Professional Fitness Institute, and sitting on the very board that I received my first certifications as a personal trainer; talk about coming full circle right!? My career really took off and people respected me in my profession but,

546920_454814051224735_1679282329_nMe Floating at around 215 lbs….. right before the wheels came off; oh and the smokin’ hot babe from before! <=================

     I also gained every single ounce plus 5-7 pounds of that weight back! I can remember standing in a room full of fitness professionals; in November of 2015, about to give a presentation at a conference for an organization I sit on the state board of and feeling like I had no right to be there. Feeling like I did not look the part to call myself a trainer, fitness professional, health advocate, or whatever the trendy word is today for my profession. Feeling dejected!

It’s confusing! How could this be? I’m too educated, smart, talented, I should know better, who can I reach out too? I’m suppose to be the one with the answers yet I had none for myself. In my current position as a health coach I help others obtain their life long goals in everything health, wellness, and fitness all while failing in my own. It’s like standing in the pulpit preaching a powerful message that saves the masses all while missing it completely.

And here I am again staring at the screen like, did I really write all of this, am I going to really post this, what will people think? Who cares? It’s not about you anymore it’s about me and I hope you are here to help through motivation and inspiration, or maybe you are just like me and can find similar parallels in your life if so then I urge you to begin your journey as well! My hopes are that even when these posts are read years from now and my goals have already been accomplished you can read this first post, follow my journey to the finish line, and be inspired to do the same! I Love you all! I love you so much that I am going to change just to prove that you can too!

     Stay Tuned in the upcoming days, weeks, and months I have no doubt this will be challenging but I have no doubt that I will SUCCEED! #BPOZ!